Learning Journal Three

Step Two. 

This week in class we learned that the first step to peer reviewing is to check for content. Through the 2 paragraphs we read during class, we noticed that to have a good paragraph one must expand on what they wrote and go into details. In addition, different topics should be separated into different paragraphs. With this I can read my classmate’s writing and focus on content in order to help them improve their essays where necessary. In addition, I will use this too, to revise my own essay.

Step Three. 

Wikipedia doesn’t allow articles created about your own information or promote advertising. When gathering references, the sources should be reliable. We should never copy other peoples work and put it into our article if it is not cited. Generally anything that is written from a neutral perspective and excludes things that relate to oneself is okay to write about.

Step Five. 

I chose the topic straw chewing because I noticed that I have a habit of doing that and I also see many others who do the same thing. Some subtopics would be scientific name, causes, effects, other similar habits and reasons for this habit.

Step Six.

From McClure’s article, I learned that going straight to Google or Wikipedia increases the risk of having non credible sources, issues on accuracy, and bias in sources. In addition, it also provides more sources than needed and causes the student to become overwhelmed with the amount of links that pop up. The research done on Susan and Edward helped them realize that switching to using information provided at a library or an academic data base made sure that the information was credible, accurate and current. It was also as quick as if you were to search on Google or Wikipedia. From reading this article, I will plan on trying to use the resources that are provided for me at our school library to search for credible information, in addition to using credible sites.


2 thoughts on “Learning Journal Three

  1. I think it is a good idea to go to the school library to search for credible information. Our school library has many books that could contain more information that what you would find online. As for your Wikipedia article, I also used to chew on my straw and would love to know more about this habit! You could include some possible ways to break the habit.


  2. Straw chewing is such and interesting topic! I kind of chew my straw too so I would like to know more about this too. I also learned that Wikipedia is super strict on what can be posted and what cannot be posted on their website. Choosing articles that are credible for this will be a little difficult but surely possible. Maybe you could try relating it to other habits that are connected to this.


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