Wikipedia Entry Reflection

Writing a Wikipedia Entry comes with many challenges. For instance, finding credible sources and following Wikipedia’s guidelines. All bias must be taken out from the writing in order for it to be published. Through my reading, research, and outlining preparation I was able to strengthen my skill set to effectively write this paper.

by: Wikimedia Foundation

When I went to go write my Wikipedia Entry, it was pretty simple because I had already outlined the whole paper. We were instructed to create a rough outline in our Learning Journal four. So with that I transferred the outline to a word document and first started editing the overview section. Since I had already written a pretty decent overview, I didn’t have to change or add much. Next, for the different topics, I wrote and weaved in the quotes that I chose to include for that section. After that I was done. I just had to include a reference list, which didn’t take anytime since we had already created it in our learning journal. I went back and reread everything, making sure everything was connected to a source, in-text citations were correct, and any bias was left out. My Wikipedia Entry went well when starting the 1st draft because we had already did so much work of summarizing sources and picking out quotes beforehand, that it made it simpler to write and incorporate. In future assignments that require research, like this one did, I will also summarize and find quotes in order to write that assignment. .

by: gdsteam

By creating my Wikipedia Entry, I have strengthened my skills in research and processes. For this project we had to read and find different credible sources that associated with our topic we chose. I got to practice reading these articles to make sure they contained no bias and showed credibility in order for me to use that source. From that, I collected data and integrated it into my writing. When writing, I had to consider what type of audience would be reading my work and adjust the language to my readers. .

by: Mediterranean Center of Medical Sciences

With new knowledge and stronger skills, I will be able to take these skills and apply it to future assignments in this class and other classes. Since I strengthened my skills on reading and researching credible sources, I can use this to help me on my research paper for my Sociology class. Through collecting and analyzing data, I now know how to pick the right quotes and ideas from a source to be incorporated into a paper.


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