Learning Journal Seven

Step Two.

This week in class we discussed the course goals and how we as a class have strengthen them. This quarter we have  learned many new things in writing, for instance, discourse communities, primary and secondary research, shitty first drafts, ect. With our strengthened skills we can now write better drafts for our upcoming e-portfolio. In addition, we had an activity in class where we took a block of text and edited it by adding spaces, commas, paragraphs, images, ect. I liked this activity because it allow us to use what we have learned in writing to revise this text in a way that makes it fun and easier for the reader to read.

Step Three. .

For my Wikipedia Entry revision plan, I will first start by reading through my whole paper after reading the comments I’ve received. With the comments in mind, I will be able to understand and see why certain areas are in need of revision. What I struggle with most is, trying to keep only one topic/idea in one paragraph. I will go through each paragraph one by one to make sure I add new paragraphs or combine paragraphs for each topic. After, I will add any more writing in areas that need it, like a description before I go into the subtopic sections. Finally, I will go over the whole paper to make sure everything flows and is organized. If I catch any grammatical errors or spelling error, I will of course fix those too.

Step Four. 

Wikipedia Revison Plan

  1. Number each one of my paragraphs and try to briefly summarize the paragraph
  2. Reflect on each section, determine if it contains more than one topic, ideas aren’t fully developed
  3. Combine or add new paragraphs for each idea written
  4. Reread and reflect on paper to see if everything flows
  5. Go over again to check for spelling or grammatical errors.

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