Learning Journal Eight

Step One. .

I’ve learned so much during this quarter of UWP1Y. I was able to improve my writing by realizing that my first draft will always be shitty, but once I get past that point, I can use my knowledge on how to effectively revise my drafts. Before, I would be focusing on fixing spelling or grammatical error in my paper, but now I know to focus on content, organizations, audience, ect. first. At the beginning I struggled with keeping one topic in one paragraph, but through my mistakes, I was able to learn when to start a new paragraph for a different topic. I will be able to use this new skill in other classes that require writing.

I also learned about discourse communities. It’s important to know who your audience is in order to write accordingly. For instance taking the living picture narrative project, we had to write in the first person point of view, describing everything to how we saw it. As from the wikipedia entry, we had to write in a more professional standpoint, making sure we didn’t include the words “I”, “we”, “you”, ect. By knowing your audience, our writing will be more effective to the readers.

Overall, the most I’ve received from this class is confidence in my writing abilities. With every revision and new draft, I know that the paper was better than it was before. I shouldn’t be ashamed of my writing because there are chances to fix it and make it better.

Step Two.

(a) Writing process:



In my writing process I create an outline after reading the instructions, which I had not done in my writing process at the beginning of the quarter. In addition, after I just start writing, trying to get everything down on paper first as opposed to trying to think of the perfect sentence to start. Then after I am finished, I will go back and revise, keeping in mind that each paragraph should contain one topic and making sure I have written clearly. Then at the end after fixing the major things, I will go back and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Before I would revise and I wrote but now I wait till I am finished to go through my paper.


I still feel that writing is my weak point, but now I have more confidence in my writing. Before I felt that my first draft had to be perfect, which is why I spent so much time on trying to finish the first draft. But, know I know that it is easier to get everything down first, then revise. This has created less stress on me, because I’ve learned that everyone has shitty first drafts, even professional writers. I have come to appreciate writing more because it is a process you have to go through, but by focusing on the big parts of revision, it’ll yield a greater paper.

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