Learning Journal Eight

Step One. . I’ve learned so much during this quarter of UWP1Y. I was able to improve my writing by realizing that my first draft will always be shitty, but once I get past that point, I can use my knowledge on how to effectively revise my drafts. Before, I would be focusing on fixing […]

Learning Journal Seven

Step Two. This week in class we discussed the course goals and how we as a class have strengthen them. This quarter we have ¬†learned many new things in writing, for instance, discourse communities, primary and secondary research, shitty first drafts, ect. With our strengthened skills we can now write better drafts for our upcoming […]

Wikipedia Entry Reflection

Writing a Wikipedia Entry comes with many challenges. For instance, finding credible sources and following Wikipedia’s guidelines. All bias must be taken out from the writing in order for it to be published. Through my reading, research, and outlining preparation I was able to strengthen my skill set to effectively write this

Learning Journal Six

Step Two. This week we didn’t have class. So in place of class time, we were assigned to go out and observe an area of our choosing for our podcast project. What I learned out observing is that it isn’t just what your eyes see but also what you hear, smell, and feel too. With […]

Learning Journal Five

Step Two. This week in class we learned the difference between primary research and secondary research. Through Discoll’s article, she describes primary research as being done first hand. Based on the scientific method, researchers will hypothesize, observe and collect data, having the ultimate goal of learning something new that can be confirmed by others while […]

Learning Journal Four

Step Two.¬† During this week we learned about discourse communities, elements found in a typical Wikipedia page, and the importance of citing sources used. The online dictionary states that the word discourse means, “written or spoken communication or debate.” So discourse communities are a group of people who have a similar goal and expectation through […]