Living Picture Narrative Reflection

Everyone can write, but not everyone can write well. I am one of those people who fall into the category of people who can’t write well. I always felt like I was never a good writer because of my lack in ability to develop my ideas, get my point across, or possess mature writing. In addition, it was always difficult to even start an essay because whatever I wrote down was never satisfying or catered to my liking. However, from our first writing assignment, the living picture narrative, I was able to improve on my writing abilities and become more Continue reading


Learning Journal Three

Step Two. 

This week in class we learned that the first step to peer reviewing is to check for content. Through the 2 paragraphs we read during class, we noticed that to have a good paragraph one must expand on what they wrote and go into details. In addition, different topics should be separated into different paragraphs. With this I can Continue reading

Learning Journal Two

Step Two

I am writing this blog post the same day of finishing week two of UWP1. Starting early and making deadlines before this blog is due next Friday at 10am, will give me time to read and revise my writing before I publish it. Scrambling to write a blog post the night or morning before this post is due, would simply be like giving myself a “timed writing exam”. What I mean by that was explained by Mr.Z today, who was able to connect time writing exams to procrastinating and writing our blog posts before they were due. By first making the class Continue reading

Learning Journal One

Step One. 

This week in class we learned that the word “literate” also meant having knowledge in a specified area, whether it may be writing, piano, or even horses. This brings us to our first assignment, which is writing a literacy narrative. Before we could start, we first had to understand what subject matter played into creating a literacy narrative. In general, literacy narratives center around how the author learned to read and write, however in this class we are going beyond just reading and writing. Continue reading